• Bailey Plaskow

Susanna Sets Example on GMB

With The UK on the brink of lockdown, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, yesterday put new measures in place to tackle COVID19, these being that individuals with family members showing symptoms must self-isolate for two weeks, before resuming regular activity.

This mornings Good Morning Britain saw presenters Piers Morgan and Charlotte Hawkins talk to cohost Susanna Reid via Facetime, who is self-isolating at her home after one of her sons had a cough, one of the symptoms of coronavirus. Thankfully Susanna is alright, who said she currently shows no symptoms and feels good.

Although this may have not been intentional, I believe her involvement in the show was pivotal for the people of Britain. Being a well known broadcasting figure, Susanna Reid making the decision to stay at home would have hopefully influenced those waking up to the show, into staying at home should they have family members showing symptoms.

Despite the serious nature of the conversation, Piers and Susanna both made light of the situation in their opening exchange, with Piers saying “I’ve heard ways of avoiding work with me but this is ridiculous!”, and Susanna replying “Finally after all these years, I’ve put myself in self-isolation from you Piers Morgan!”.

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