• Bailey Plaskow

Sky Sports Responds to COVID19

I’ve been impressed with Sky, who have decided to pause Sky Sports subscriptions for customers during the COVID19 outbreak. Being a subscriber, I mainly use their services for football coverage and so it would have been a shame to have been charged without receiving any live matches.

This being said, Sky Sports are continuing to keep football fans entertained with the full match highlights from classic Premiership matches. Just last night I was re-watching Manchester City’s thrilling championship decider against QPR, where I got to relive Martin Tyler’s famous “Aguerooo” commentary from 2012.

Other than some of the footage being a little blurry… Retro Premier League offers fans like myself, the opportunity to relive their favourite football matches in full, keeping customers entertained whilst in lockdown at home.

I’m highly fond in the way that Sky Sports Football have used their Youtube page to keep fans up to date with news from the footballing world, including interviews with players and managers during these tough times. Although some may live more luxury lifestyles than others, we’re all lacking in freedom, and so to see those we admire staying at home whilst in lockdown, we all feel as if we must do the same!

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