• Bailey Plaskow

ITV Keeps The Nation Gripped With Three-Parter 'Quiz'

As a final year media production student, hoping to produce in the long-run, the three episodes of ITV’s Quiz were fascinating to watch.

The drama told what ITV put as “The extraordinary and sensational story of how Charles and Diana Ingram attempted an 'audacious heist' on the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Watching the program as a ‘TV person’, the program gave myself an insight into the making of a television game show, with aspects such as the title, format, and even time slot.

From what I’ve read on Twitter over the last few days, the drama perfectly recreated the ITV offices too, with a contact of mine tweeting “Quiz is excellent. Details such as the old ITV logos are perfect”.

He also went on to discuss the show and the way in which it captured the creation of a program accurately when saying “Love that it referenced the importance of getting the show brand and presentation right after the pilot too”.

Viewers were also gripped by the portrayal of characters such as the studio floor manager, with TV critic and broadcaster; Scott Bryan, tweeting “seriously floor managers deal with a lot and without them we’re all screwed”.

TV production aside, regardless as to whether someone (like myself) had looked into Major Charles Ingram and his story prior to watching the program, Quiz was still as gripping and tense to watch from start to finish.

Whilst ITV created a drama which accurately represented the actions carried out by the Ingram’s whilst on the show, their retelling of events whilst on trial identified a strong argument for them to be either guilty or non-guilty.

The evidence provided would suggest that the Ingram’s cheated their way to one million pounds, but ITV’s decision to show both sides to the story allowed some to even sympathise with The Major, inviting viewers to solve the case at home…

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