• Bailey Plaskow

Is Youtube The Way For Talk Shows? For Now it is...

Commonly associated with ‘influencers’ and ‘vloggers’, I’ve been extremely impressed with how America's Talk Show hosts have used Youtube over the last few weeks, to present show’s from their homes.

After last months HomeFest, James Corden was the latest to join the trend with The Late Late Show. Lewis Capaldi and most recently JP Saxe and Julia Michaels have performed via video calls, whilst Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk has been the latest actor to be interviewed.

Aside from having video calls with celebrities, I’ve very much enjoyed Corden’s imagination in the way he’s replaced popular features with new ones, such as ‘Am I Wearing Pants or PJs’ and ‘Shirt Off Shoot Out Challenge’.

Whilst James Corden sits at his desk suited, Jimmy Fallon has been taking a much more relaxed approach over on Youtube when presenting segments of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

Viewers can relate with the presenter, whose kids sometimes get involved, putting a lighthearted twist on the show, in the way that you may have been interrupted by family members during a video call over the past few weeks.

Like Corden, Jimmy Fallon is continuing to interview celebrities and have artists perform, with Dua Lipa’s being a personal favourite, who despite performing from home, had her band and dancers green screened in behind her, innovating her performance.

From ‘The Singing Whisper Challenge’ with Millie Bobby Brown, to ‘How to Bake Homemade Challah Bread’ with Hugh Jackman, I’ve admired the way in which Fallon has adapted his usual features to suit life at home.

The same applies with Jimmy Kimmel Live, where not only has Kimmel played games such as ‘Quarantine Cooking’ and ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with My Kids’, but he’s used his platform to give back to those healthcare workers who’re ‘battling’ for us on the ‘front line’, with #HealthCareHero.

Kimmel alongside Jennifer Aniston surprised Kimball Fairbanks, a cardiovascular nurse who had recently contracted COVID-19. After stopping work to self-isolate without her two small daughters, the pair surprised her with gift cards to thank her and her colleagues for their bravery and selflessness during these times.

As mentioned in a few of my previous posts, being at home means we crave entertainment more than ever, and whilst the filming of these shows is put on hold, it seems as though so long as creative content is being produced, the format and publishing platform doesn’t matter. What matters is that we stay connected with the outside world, and from the way it’s been used so far, Youtube is the way forward. At least for now…

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