• Bailey Plaskow

Disney+ Makes Lockdown a Little More Bearable

Talk about good marketing. On Monday the 23rd of March 2020, The United Kingdom goes into lockdown, the next day, Disney Plus is released!

Of course this was just coincidental, but you can’t overlook the lockdowns across the world as a reason for the rise in Disney Plus subscribers to 50 million.

Figures aside, I’ve especially enjoyed using the platform to re-watch the old Marvel and Star Wars movies, as well as to watch new Disney Originals, including The Imagineering Story, which tells the story of Disney World.

From the identification and purchasing of land, to the creation of mechanics and rides, the series is fascinating and really opened my eyes to the endless streams of entertainment which exist, and the idea that one has the ability to create ideas out of anything.

It’s a story of tailoring goods to the consumers needs, and Disney have done this perfectly since the opening of Disneyland California in 1955.

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