Bailey Plaskow

Production Assistant & Runner

About Me

I’m a 21 year old, London based production assistant and runner, freelancing alongside my final year of media production at Birmingham City University. Currently I specialise in television and radio, with passions for digital content too.


From placements with Sky News and The Farm Group, to running on Children in Need, Strictly and The Elections, to most recently production assisting for the likes of Alfa Romeo, Amazon, British Airways and Shell, I’ve created this site to visually represent my work.


Graduation is approaching, and so please feel free to get in touch, or share this site with any contacts whom may be in need of an extra hand…


My Showreels

Work Examples

Full Production Assistant / Runner Credits

December 2019

UK General Election - BBC 1 & BBC News

(OB Editor: Tim Burke)

November 2019

Shell: The Great Energy Debate - Starstruck

(Executive Producer: Adrian Dickson)

November 2019

Mind Over Muscle with Ant Middleton - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow)

July 2019

Twitch Prime Crown Cup - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow)

July 2019

Amazon Prime Day Party with Rita Ora - Starstruck

(Producer: Tamsin Eames)

February 2019

BBC Radio 1: What iS Music Videos - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow)

January 2019

Shell: NXplorers Video Campaign - Starstruck

(Producer: Adrian Dickson) 

November 2018

Children in Need - BBC 1

(Studio Coordinator: Natalie Brown)

November 2018

Strictly Come Dancing - BBC 1

(Studio Coordinator: Natalie Brown) 

September 2018

Clifton Dance Academy Online - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow) 

July 2018

Ant Man And The Wasp Press Tour - Joel Ryan Photography

(Photographer: Joel Ryan)

July 2018

Alfa Romeo @ Goodwood Festival of Speed - Chaos Media Productions

(Producer: Sarah Leach) 

July 2018

Shell: Make The Future Live - Starstruck

(Executive Producer: Adrian Dickson) 

July 2018

GiffGaff Life Goals Live - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow)

March 2018

British Airways: Sport Relief, Dream Team - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow) 

March 2018

Shell: Make The Future Live Stream - Starstruck

(Producer: Adrian Dickson) 

January 2018

Yianni: Supercar Customiser Launch - Starstruck

(Producer: James Delow) 

Work Experience

August 2018

Talk Radio

(Showbiz Editor: Johnny Seifert)

June 2018

Sky Content Services Placement

(Head of Content Services: Dave Rooke) 

June 2017

The Farm Group

(Assistant to CEOs and Directors: Alex Allen)

April 2019

JEM Music Group

(Chairman: Colin Lester)

November 2018

Sky News Placement

(Newsroom Manager: Natalie Anderson)


On Location

Camera (Cannon C100) with experience of Boom Operating, DigiSlate and Lighting.


Experience in Directing, Operating Autocue, Graphics & VT’s as well as Vision Mixing.

Post Production

Adobe Creative Cloud including Audition, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.


Myriad Play-out Software & The Audio Console

My Blog

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